About Us

Pete Kennedy, the owner of Kennedy's Barber Shop, hails from Manchester and has nearly three decades of experience of cutting men's hair in the UK and Australia behind him.

But while Pete's skills have been honed through years of dedication to his craft he's totally up-to-the-minute with contemporary men's hair styling and fashion to ensure his valued customers are always looking at their best.

Pete established The Terrace Barber Shop in 1995, purchasing the shop from the previous owner who had been running it as a barbershop since 1954, where it had become something of a treasured Fremantle institution.

His new venture, Kennedy's Barbershop, aims to blend the latest in contemporary men's hair styling with a traditional barbershop's club-like atmosphere - a special place where today's man can relish a return to the golden age of the barbershop.

We Know About Cutting Men's Hair

Cutting men's hair is distinctly different and requires different tools and techniques to achieve the result you want and deserve. Pete is a qualified and highly experienced barber who is not only highly skilled at cutting men's hair but an expert at the all important details of men's grooming, beard trimming, face shaves and men's products. Pete and the team at Kennedy's will guarantee you're always looking your best.

A hairdresser may care for your hair but a barber cares for the WHOLE man! Try Kennedy's Barbershop today and enjoy the difference!